Saturday – the music day!

Saturday – the music day!

Today’s theme was music.
As always, we started our day with morning exercises. Our trainer today was one of the elder girls, Yana. At the assembly we received the task for the evening and after that everyone proceeded to lessons. Some of the children had consultations for the international English exams.

Also, a professional photographer came to the camp and we were photographed outside.

After that we got some sleep and were charged with energy for the upcoming events. Rested, we went to participate in the Just Dance session.
It was a little bit challenging, but at the same time everyone was excited by the dancing.

Next, all of the groups went to the battle of choirs, where everyone presented their performances and showed the singing skills.

After that we went to dinner and immediately after visited karaoke.

Everyone was so happy to be able to sing together with their friends!
The finish of the day was a disco, which left everyone pleasantly tired and in high spirits. The day was packed with action.

Alex once again participated in the evening “Candle” ceremony, where we expressed all our emotions of the day.

Tomorrow is the last day in the camp. And so everyone hopes it will go well while going to sleep.