Friday – outdoor activities.

Friday – outdoor activities.

The topic of this day was sports, so morning exercises on Friday lasted a little bit longer than usual. This helped us to warm up and prepare ourselves for the activities that were ahead of us.

After breakfast, we went hiking in the forest. It was a really pleasant time! We had a lot of fun and saw many beautiful places. Many of us played in the snow or built a snowman.

After having spent this time outside with fresh air, we returned to the camp and began to study, getting some rest from the hike and exercising our brains instead.

After sleeping for a bit in the afternoon, we met our instructor Yuri, who was responsible for today’s outside activity: He prepared a special quest for us, called “Зарница”.

We were given maps of the camp area, got paired up and started the journey. There were checkpoints where we had to solve riddles and other questions to continue onto the right path. Some checkpoints required doing physical exercises to proceed, there were a couple we simply had to find, based on the location on the map, which was not an easy task. And there even was one where we had to recite a poem or sing a song in English.

It took quite a bit of time and effort to pass all the checkpoints, but everybody finished the quest successfully.

After a short rest, we arranged a small disco at our home and danced for a while. We chose the music ourselves, talked to each other and spent some time with our roommates.
We had a lot of fun and everybody went to bed, pleasantly tired.