Sunday – farewell, camp!

Sunday – farewell, camp!

Eventually, the last day the camp has come.
The week has passed quickly and left us with a lot of memories.

Our day started with morning exercises, per usual, and continued with breakfast and assembly. Today’s goal was to remember the old dance and perform it at the closing ceremony of the camp.

However, before that we went to lessons, where our progress was evaluated. Afterwards we went to lunch.
Today we had a masterclass of “Tie Dye”, where each of us made their own T-shirt with a unique print. The children managed to astonish everyone with the power of their imagination, each T-shirt showcased its owners’ understanding of beauty and art.

After that, we went to the closing ceremony of the British Club camp, where we received two certificates for passing the training and for mastering the topic of the camp: “Multiple Intelligence”.

Our team leaders and mentors prepared a video-compilation of the most fun and memorable moments of the camp for us and showed us the dance performance.

At the end of this event, we went to another: the general closing ceremony of the camp.
There was a surprise waiting for us from our dormitory supervisor, who also prepared a chronicle of the entire camp for us. It was really heartwarming.
We also performed our own dance. Our day ended with a farewell disco, everyone was eager to participate, to have fun with their best friends from the camp.
We want to express our deep gratitude to the teachers, mentors and team leaders for this informative, amusing and memorable week.