Wednesday – the fun continues.

Wednesday – the fun continues.

This day was even more packed with action than the previous one. It began with the morning exercises in the street. After that, we went to the assembly, where we received the task for the day. The theme of the projects was “Emotional drama”.

Today was the first day with lessons. Students were given workbooks and assigned to classes with highly qualified teachers.

The psychologist of the British Club held a masterclass dedicated to the topic of the day – Acting. The children expressed a lot of joyful emotions, and they were able to reveal their talent in acting.

Here’s an interview with Marina N. Rakhmanina, the drama teacher who held the masterclass:

Q: How can you open up unemotional kids?

A: First off, you should find a “key” to the children.
That means that even though the child is reserved in the beginning, you should get on the same ground with them and then make them open up little by little.
One of the main problems of modern society is refusing to show emotions.

Q: Why is it important to be able to show emotions?

A: If a person can show emotions, they better communicate with others and also they are easier to be understood by others.

Q: What kinds of emotions are important for kids?

A: All of them are important. Even if those are negative ones. It is crucial for children not to suppress them.

Q: How to deal with hysterical fits?

A: It is only natural for children to get hysteric, they are learning to control their emotions. A parent should not reply to the outbursts in the same manner, they should learn to understand kid’s emotions.
Of course, it comes with experience, but it is really important for a healthy parent-child relationship.

After completing the masterclass, the children started preparing their own projects to be presented later on in the evening, as well as playing board games in the breaks.

Of course, after a delicious lunch.

Also, our groups took part in the general camp event, where they presented their team and performed a dance.

Finally, it was time for the main event of the day: Projects. Five teams presented a comedy story in the form of a skit.

Team 1: Turned into reality an anecdote about a snail.
Team 2: Performed the production of A.P.Chekhov’s “Chameleon”.
Team 3: Played a scene from the famous Russian tale “Teremok”. Which didn’t involve animals, as in the original fairy tale, but rather the famous musicians.
Team 4: Presented the work “Cinderella” in a modern form.
Team 5: They showed a school anecdote about the choice of a teacher and a student “If you had a kilogram of gold and a kilogram of mind, what would you choose?”

An exciting day finished with an “Evening light” event, where everyone shared their impressions of the day.