Thursday – halfway through!

Thursday – halfway through!

The 3rd day of our stay in the camp has passed. Today was a dance day, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start the story from the beginning.
In the morning we did exercises, which were held in the street.

It woke everyone up and lifted the mood, and with that we went to breakfast, which was wonderful, as always.

As soon as it finished, we went to study, to get new knowledge.

While one group was studying, the other one was playing volleyball and football in the fresh air. Then the groups switched places.

The middle of the day began with everyone’s favorite lunch, which charged us with energy.

It was really useful at the hip hop masterclass held by Sergey Rytov from Dance People.

The lesson was really energizing, but challenging at the same time. We went to sleep afterwards to replenish our strength for the evening dance competition.

After a sound sleep, the children started preparing their projects for the day. Each group diligently prepared their own performance and excitedly showed it on the stage after that.
Our dancers showed energetic, passionate performances, each one having its own theme.

We summed up the results of the day at a Candle Meeting with Alex. He told about his day and asked everyone to share their experiences of the day with him.
Even right before the sleep the students practiced their English skills.