British Club Language School

The British Club Language School was set up in 2009 in Magnitogorsk city, Russia. Our main mission is to provide high-quality language learning to students aged 6-17 through various programs and methods of effective language teaching responding to the latest requirements and needs. The school’s curriculum offers a great variety of programs including different foreign languages, like English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Hungarian, as well as additional courses on Public Speaking, Drama, CLIL and Russian as a Foreign Language. Besides, the school has its own TV Studio and Model United Nations Club.

Dear Parents and Students,

We thank you for considering the British Club Language School. The Team, students, BCLS community and I wish to warmly welcome you to our school. This is a new step for your family, undertaken with much anticipation for success. At BCLS we are prepared to assist you in every way.

The challenges and opportunities of a small, caring, exciting and rigorous educational program await you. Faculty and students come together for active engaged learning, emphasizing not only high academic standards and, in equal measure, firm community values and expectations.

The BCLS strives to insure the healthy adjustment of each student who enters our doors. We are committed to providing every student with direction and inspiration as we guide them towards the highest possible achievement.

At BCLS we are committed to our mission to provide a high quality, internationally recognized education that encourages students to effect positive change in the face of 21st century challenges. We will work to give our very best in all our endeavors, and we invite you to become close partners in this important task. Оnce again I personally extend a very warm welcome to the British Club Language School — a great place to grow and learn!


Sincerely, Irina Remkhe