Загородные Проекты

Загородные Проекты

Добро пожаловать!

Здесь вы сможете наблюдать, как ярко и весело протекает наша жизнь в загородном лагере в рамках проекта «Множественный интеллект». Будьте в курсе и не пропускайте новости непосредственно с места событий!

  • Sunday — farewell, camp!

    Sunday — farewell, camp! Eventually, the last day the camp has come.The week has passed quickly and left us with a lot of memories. Our day started with morning exercises, per usual, and continued with breakfast and assembly. Today’s goal was to remember the old dance and perform it at the closing ceremony of the […]

  • Saturday — the music day!

    Saturday — the music day! Today’s theme was music.As always, we started our day with morning exercises. Our trainer today was one of the elder girls, Yana. At the assembly we received the task for the evening and after that everyone proceeded to lessons. Some of the children had consultations for the international English exams. […]

  • Friday — outdoor activities.

    Friday — outdoor activities. The topic of this day was sports, so morning exercises on Friday lasted a little bit longer than usual. This helped us to warm up and prepare ourselves for the activities that were ahead of us. After breakfast, we went hiking in the forest. It was a really pleasant time! We […]

  • Thursday — halfway through!

    Thursday — halfway through! The 3rd day of our stay in the camp has passed. Today was a dance day, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start the story from the beginning.In the morning we did exercises, which were held in the street. It woke everyone up and lifted the mood, and with […]

  • Wednesday — the fun continues.

    Wednesday — the fun continues. This day was even more packed with action than the previous one. It began with the morning exercises in the street. After that, we went to the assembly, where we received the task for the day. The theme of the projects was «Emotional drama». Today was the first day with […]

  • Tuesday — our first day at the camp

    Tuesday — our first day at the camp The first day of the camp went very well. It all started with a trip along the picturesque Bashkir road. The snow had already melted on the tops of the mountains and it was quite warm.And so when we arrived at the camp, we were greeted by […]

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