British Club

English for pre-schoolers

Help your preschoolers learn English words! 

Our course design offers children opportunities to be actively involved in the English language learning process and our activities are developed to accommodate all learning styles - i.e. visual, auditory and kinaesthetic - to maximise each child’s input.

Although our main focus is in English language development we also aim to develop the whole child by planning a range of activities for each session to promote creativity, physical development, knowledge and understanding of the world, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy and personal, social and emotional development. As well as developing each of the six areas of learning, our activities benefit children through improving their confidence, independence and self-esteem.

Our ethos for young children is to ‘learn through interaction’ which involves planning our English learning goals through fun, stimulating activities with experienced teachers. This encourages all children to be curious, excited and motivated to learn and offers a vast range of language opportunities.

Teach kids all that they need to know about the English language with BCLS! From alphabet letters and spellings to synonyms and parts of speech, these course cover it all.